A death in the (blended) family

Posted by Carol Walker on 14th Jul 2015

You might think the death of a loved on would unite those left behind to share their grief and happy memories of the person they have lost, but as we will see in Coronation Street tonight, Deidre's death has left her daughter, husband and step son fighting amongst each other.

Families are never easy, but when you have a daughter like Tracey who has caused a lot of trouble, and a step-father who is hurting then fights are sometimes unavoidable.

If this is similar to your family, remember that being upset and angry is a natural part of the grief process, but that lashing out and saying hurtful things to others will only cause you more problems in the future.  Try to not speak when you are angry but take some time for yourself - or with a good friend who will let you talk.

If you are really having problems and need someone outside the family to talk to organisations are available to help - Cruse Bereavement, Samaritans and Relate can all offer you space.  Relate can talk to you all as a family to help you pck your way through the tough times you will be facing.

Don't let your life end up like the soaps - seek help when you see things going wrong

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