Long term relationships - what you need to know

Posted by Carol Walker on 13th Oct 2015

This letter, published in yesterday's newspaper, really struck a chord with me.  It's from a woman to her husband to tell him what she has learned from the very bad patch she went through.

When I am out and about promoting our services, a lot of people ask me "does it work" and I always advise people to come and see us when things are a niggle rather then let them get to crisis point.  This couple came to Relate and were really open to looking at their relationship and the part they had played in it getting to the stage it did.  Not cherishing each other, putting the children first, forgetting they were a couple and being on the same side.  They forgot to be nice to each other. 

Luckily for them, they came to Relate when they could talk about all of these things - and more importantly they could still see the things they loved about each other.  They were also both willing to change and out the effort into making their relationship work again.

It is not an easy road to get a failing relationship back on track - but it can be done.  We have lots of success stories and there is nothing more fulfilling for our cousnellors to see a couple who come to us in distress leave with the determination to make things work.  There is also nothing more distressing than seeing a couple who obviously love each other, but they have let things go too far for them every to bring their relationship back.

If you are starting to bicker with your partner, feel you are less close, talk about nothing but your children, please have a think about coming to Relate together to work to put things right.  And then you might be writing a letter to your partner like this one which says it much better than I can.

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