Should you tell your partner about your health concerns?

Posted by Carol Walker on 08th Jul 2015

In tonight's Emmerdale, Brenda is going to the hospital to check if her brain tumour has returned.  She has asked Chas to go with her as a friend, but Chas spills the beans to Bob her husband.  What would you do in the situation?

We know that going through a health scare if a massively frightening time for people.  It's a time when you really shouldn't be facing things alone and have support around you.  But what happens if you want to protect your partner?  Or if you don't feel they will support you?  

Relate have carried out research to show that good quality relationships matter for our health and wellbeing and can improve health outcomes; but long-term health conditions can also have a significant impact on our relationships.

Good quality relationships may prevent, delay or minimise the deterioration of long term conditions and promote recovery or adjustment, the report argues that it is important to ensure our relationships are as strong as possible when facing the possibility of a health scare. 

Focussing on couple, family and social relationships may help to improve recovery rates and ultimately minimise the costs of responding to long term conditions. 

So, is Brenda right to not tell Bob about her health scare?  

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