When is the best time to get relationship help?

Posted by Carol Walker on 07th Oct 2015

The article in the Mail Online by their sexpert Tracey Cox had me thinking a lot.  At Relate we sadly see a lot of couples who have come to us in the middle or the end of their crisis and it's too late to help them get their relationship back on track if that is what they want.  So I couldn't agree more with Tracey, saying that people should come to us when things are at the "niggle stage" when we can help.

A storyline I've been listening to on The Archers is really making me scream at the radio - I want to tell Helen Titchmore that Rob is controlling her and she needs to seek some help.  Their relationship started on the wrong foot – Rob was married to Jess and had an affair with Helen.  When they were found out, Rob dumped Jess.  We’ve seen over the months he has been in the Archers that he can be quite manipulative – and will even lie to get himself out of difficult situations but will he really bring that part of his character into his relationship with Helen.

Helen has a history of failed relationships and was quite happy to meet Rob, so is she blind to his faults?  Helen is starting to see the niggles, and last week Rob started to show his true colours when he lost his temper with Helen over the shop plans.  She has gone along with his wedding plans and upset her family on the way, and now he wants to adopt Henry, will she see the light before it is too late.  If I was Helen’s friend I would be telling her to read the article in the Mail Online and consider getting help before those niggles become another relationship disaster!

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