Frequently Asked Questions

We normally deliver sessions face to face but we can offer sessions by Skype or telephone. Face to face is recommended so we can understand you a bit more as body language is a great way of understanding how someone is feeling.

We understand finding the time to come to counselling is sometimes difficult so we try to be as flexible as possible with available times.

Most of our major centres are open until 9pm and weekends and if you work shifts, we can tailor frequent sessions to suit your lifestyle.

Call us on 01325 461 500 to get an appointment that fits your schedule.

Privacy and confidentiality is a priority at Relate and we provide a safe environment to deliver caring and professional counselling.

We do not share personal information with third parties unless there is a personal safety risk and we do not inform parents of any young people we help unless they give consent.

We recommend that you both come along to the first session to establish what happens next and what brought you to Relate. Following sessions can be individual or together, it’s your decision however it’s encouraged that some of the sessions are together, depending upon the individual problem.

Sometimes relationships don’t work, it’s not the fault of either person but maybe you’ve both grown apart or something has happened for you to see your partner in a new light. Relate are here to either help get your relationship back on track or to offer you options about moving on.

Life changes and as we get older people may want different things in life so Relate is here to help what happens next. We help you to discover what went wrong, what will life be like after moving on and if you have children, what is the best way to tell them about the relationship break down.

Relate can help you both move on in the direction you both want, in the best and most comfortable way.

Relate counsellors are trained to help everyone have a happier and healthier relationship, whether it’s a same sex or heterosexual relationship.

We help you to look at the problems you’re facing and help find a way through them, in a way that suits you. We help you make the decisions you need so that you can have the relationship you deserve.

We know that relationships hit bad patches sometimes, but outside influences can have a huge impact on the relationship you’re in. If you face prejudice from others, that can cause problems for the two of you as well. We can also work with family members to help create a happier home life for you too.

Unfortunately it is not possible to have children in the sessions when relationship counselling is taking place.

There are a couple of reasons for this – firstly having a child in the room can be distracting for the parents and the counsellor and prevent the most helpful work being done.  Secondly, even tiny babies pick up tensions in the room and if you are discussing some very difficult topics, your child might pick up on this tension.

If you are struggling to find childcare we can always offer you counselling by Skype or telephone for when your child is in bed.

Safety is the primary concern for young people when family counselling is going to take place.  The counsellor must meet with the adults first to ensure that there are no issues which could cause problems for your child in the counselling room when they come along.  

The counsellor will also be able to understand if relationship counselling is most appropriate at first and then they can offer family counselling.

Relate North East are an independent charity and we do not receive funding from any local authority or central government to provide our service. 

We have a number of centres across the region where we deliver our counselling services, and employ staff to ensure that the appointments run smoothly and counselling can take place where you need it.  We register over 2000 couples, individuals and families every year and deliver over 7000 counselling appointments. 

Unfortunately due to lack of funding we must ask anyone who comes to Relate to make a payment for the cousnelling they recieve in order that we can survive into the future.  It currently costs us £50 to offer every counselling session. 

At Relate North East, we have small pots of funding available to allow us to work with couples or families in specific situations - these funding pots change frequently so please contact us for more details. 

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I am very happy with the service and have been treated very well. I am very grateful and don't know where I would be now without the help. I am worried about having no more sessions but I am trying to think positively