Relationship Counselling

A wide variety of people come to Relate for support, whether you’re from the LGBT community, single, thinking about having a baby or wanting to split up; we help you without judgement or personal opinion.

We’re here to explore your relationship and help you understand or find the cause of some of the underlying issues to create a happier and healthier relationship that suits you.

We’ll help you to think about what you want from your relationship and what you need to do to make things better. Our counsellors are professionally trained and experienced in working with couples and individuals to give the support and guidance needed to move forward.

When you come as a couple, you’ll both have time individually with the counsellor to talk and open up on your own. Sometimes this is all people need, someone to listen.

Is counselling for me?

It can be very daunting to come to Relate and talk about your personal life however our counsellors won’t be embarrassed or judge you. They’ll make you feel comfortable and ask questions to better understand your situation in order to offer you the right support. Relate counsellors won’t tell you what to do, they’ll just give you all of the options available to you and you’ll discover the right route for you.

Staying together isn’t always the right option and sadly, some relationships do break down but we help you break up in the way that is less confrontational and we’ll help you to avoid the pitfalls some couples fall into.

Call us now on 01325 461 500, email us at to request a registrations form or request a call back to make the first appointment which is your first step to getting the help you deserve.

If you still aren't sure if counselling is for you, you can book in for a First Steps telephone appointment

What's Next: The Process

We've made it easy and painless for you to access the support you need.

The Process: Contact us, Attend Appointment, Ongoing Work

I am very happy with the service and have been treated very well. I am very grateful and don't know where I would be now without the help. I am worried about having no more sessions but I am trying to think positively