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Relate Business Solutions

Relate Business Solutions delivers a range of group-based learning courses to individuals, professionals and organisations in the corporate, public and voluntary sectors, drawing on Relate's 70 plus years of relationship expertise.

Our courses are delivered by highly experienced trainers and experts, bringing high quality training courses at a fraction of the industry price.  Relate can offer bespoke training for your organisation, taking your workplace's practices and policies into account.

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How Relate Business Solutions can help you

Employees who can manage their relationships and emotions and can communicate effectively will enhance every aspect of your business.  We can:

  • Provide online & training solutions delivered by relationship specialists
  • Supply accessible, instant and innovative online services
  • Design bespoke training solutions
  • Offer OCN accredited training and service within a quality assured framework
  • Improve individual and professional performance
  • Increase productivity and business performance
  • Increase retention and reduce absenteeism Enhance and develop professional and individual skills
  • Improve communication and relationship skills
  • Improve work/life balance


What people have said about Relate Business Solutions:

“The Riverside Group” have formed a strong relationship with Relate by working together to identify the needs of our tenants and provide a world class level of service. Relate have allowed us to ensure that we are providing the service delivery that our tenants have come to expect.” - The Riverside Group

'Having a disabled child in our modern, fast moving society puts enormous strain on all aspects of family life, particularly the parental relationship.   We, at Scope, were therefore delighted to have the opportunity to form our recent partnership with Relate the relationship experts, in which we have trained their practitioners around the impact of disability on family relationships.  This will support and benefit all concerned and most importantly help to keep families together'. - Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive, Scope


In-house Relationship Support

If your organisation is making large changes, or requires your employees to spend a large amount of time away from home, offering relationship support to your teams can be a great way to prevent home-life impacting on what happens at work.  We can provide a confidential cousnelling service which you can subsidise, offer yearly Relationship MOT's or even provide a telephone or Skype cousnelling service.

We can come into your offices/factory wellbeing days and talk about the wide range of services we can offer and we can even run workshops to help employees facing redundancy or retirement and all of the challenges these life events can bring.


Government research shows that for every £1 spent on relationship counselliing with Relate it is of benefit to the community to the value of £11.40.  Government evaluation of relationship support


If you think this service would be beneficial to your staff contact Katie Dowson, CEO - 

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The Process: Contact us, Attend Appointment, Ongoing Work

I am very happy with the service and have been treated very well. I am very grateful and don't know where I would be now without the help. I am worried about having no more sessions but I am trying to think positively